What is Microblading?

If you have been away, perhaps in outer mongolia, then you haven’t been witnessing the absolute Microblading phenomenon that has been going strong now for about 2 years. This procedure completely changed the permanent makeup industry almost over night, and it shows no signs of slowing anytime soon.

Benefits of Microblading procedure?

Microblading is a much desired procedure that adds hairlike strokes back into the natural eyebrow. The strokes eliminate the time required each morning to draw on brows. Microblading can also be used for women/men who have minimal or no eyebrow hair. The drastic change in appearance is achieved when the pigment is implanted into skin, one “Stroke of Beauty” at a time. It is pure magic.

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique.  This is achieved through the needle not go as deep into the skin as a standard tattoo, meaning it will fade in around 9-12 months depending on skin type variables, and will require yearly touch-ups.

Trust me, you do not want a permanent tattoo on your face.

We are absolutely thrilled for you and this new adventure. Be prepared to have a client burst into tears when she sees her new eyebrows. It is awesome.