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2 Day Online Plasma Fibroblast Live Webinar $600


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Hot off the press! This Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening treatment is making headlines all over social media and the internet. Why? Plasma Fibroblast is a non-surgical alternative to procedures like dangerous chemical injections, Laser Skin Repair, Injections, and Plastic Surgery. The minimal downtime and amazing results of Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening are making this a ‘must try’ for clients, and a ‘must add’ for industry professionals. Plasma Fibroblast is a life-changing procedure, and it’s just getting started, that’s for sure! The average Plasma Fibroblast client spends $500-$1800+

If you’re serious about drastically increasing your income, becoming your own boss and doing work that you love, THEN Plasma Fibroblast Training can provide that opportunity!!!

Set your own schedule + Do work that you love + Make the money you deserve + See your clients happy + Change your life = You as a Successful Business Owner.

Why choose us?

After careful research and collaboration with experienced specialists in Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening Treatment, we’ve created a one of a kind, custom training program. This custom program assures the highest ethical standards. Plasma Fibroblast Experts and longtime PMU Professionals instruct this course and are available to you after graduation.

Fibroblast Skin Tightening Certification is for someone who is ready to jump-start their NEW career in the beauty industry.
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BE FIRST to get your Plasma Fibroblast Certification, and start earning $500-$1200 per treatment!

Course Dates | ENROLL NOW

What treatments will you be certified to offer in your salon after this course?


  • Flip Flip $250-$500+
  • Full Upper Eyelid Tightening $500+
  • Under Eye Wrinkles/Crappy Skin $400-$600+
  • Jowls $500-$800+
  • Forehead  $500-$800+
  • Crows Feet – Frown Lines $350-$600+
  • Mini Face Lift $800-$1200+
  • Neck Tightening $600-$1500+before and after plasma fibroblast courses4
  • Stomach $800-$2500+
  • Body $300- $1000+
  • Chest (Decollete) $400-$800+
  • Saggy Arms (Bat Flaps, Nana Flaps) $600-$1000+
  • Age Spots – Moles – Freckles $200-$500+
  • Acne Scars $400-$800+

Important Question… What Plasma Pen. 

If you have been paying attention, even a little, then you know there is a zillion Plasma Pens to choose from. Many look identical but the confusion begins when the exact same (looking) device is offered for $88.00 and another for $650.00. Why is there such a difference  in Plasma Pen Prices? The answer to that question is one of the first subjects we cover in the Plasma Fibroblast Course.

The short answer is… The operating system. Basically, what’s on the inside. We have taken apart and examined each device and  “OHHHH do we have answers to this question.”

What is the BEST Plasma Pen or Plasma Device?

As mentioned, we have bought, taken apart and tried almost every Plasma Pen available. The two pens featured here were chosen for several reasons.

  1. FDA Registration
  2. Operating System Specifics
  3. Manufacturer Warranty
  4. Accessibility – Item Location
  5. Price
After extensive search and consultations with industry experts, medical professionals, and manufacturers… We are thrilled to INTRODUCE The BeierPlasm K85 PlasmaLift Pen

The BeierPlasm K85 ~ 5 year warranty, 3 power settings, 8 frequencies, manual/auto pulse, a digital screen, and the best part… the battery stays charge 3+ hours.

*Student registers device with manufacturer*

Plasma Fibroblast Course Kit

  • Beierplasm K85 Plasma Pen
  • Extra needles (link to purchase more)
  • After Care Client Kit
  • Before & Aftercare instructions and guidelines
  • ‘One on One’ model training
  • How to Market your new business to get and keep clients
  • Skin Disorders and how to identify them
  • Client assessment/skin evaluation
  • Supply/Vendor lists
  • The importance of social media and the dangers of the ‘Unrealistic promise.”
  • Approved Consent forms and all documents for your business
  • Reaction Incident Plan –  Written directly from the notes of professionals through client experience.
  • Support is just a call/message/FaceTime
  • Ask about Job Placement? Work with us making money until you get on your feet.
  • And much more…

Welcome to The Stroke of Beauty Family…

We are beyond excited for you and this adventure you have begun. There is no better feeling than the one you get when a client is brought to tears when they see the results of this life-changing treatment. See you in class.

Student Testimonials:

The whole thing was absolutely amazing. I will definitely come back and do another course. I felt like a confident beauty professional right after graduation. This is the best Beauty Course by far, and I highly recommend you take it! Kristan really cares about her students, she gives you everything you need to help you become successful.

-Ashley Ventner

Before this course, I used to be broke. I had no money in my savings account. I used to work long hours and had no time for my kids. With this Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening Course, I got the knowledge and methods to give my clients beautiful lasting results. Now I feel like I am on the top of the beauty industry. I know I made the right decision choosing Kristan and The Stroke of Beauty Team!

-Jessica Zamora

Some common questions from our students:

Who can take the Plasma Fibroblast Treatment Course?
Anyone over 18 can take this course. If you are a licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician YOU CAN take this course. However you are responsible to contact your county, city and practicing licensing boards and agencies to get current guidelines and rules.
What is fibroblast?
Fibroblast-Skin tightening treatment is NON-invasive or NON-surgical procedure where no scalpels or any surgical instruments are used. Fibroblast is basically an electrical arc that is transmitted through a small probe. This innovative technique cannot cause the so-called “overlifting”, as it only affects excess/loose skin which returns to its “original state”. The procedure can be carried out only by a certified specialist, and yes, you can become one.
What does Plasma Fibroblast Treat?
Having a skin tightening and lifting effect
Reduce wrinkles
Remove age and sun spots
Tighten upper and lower eyelids
Tighten the neck and lift the mid-face
Reduce belly skin
Do I need prior experience?
NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED for any of our non advanced classes (which are most of our course offerings)
When I successfully complete a course will I be ready to see clients?
Yes! You can start seeing clients immediately after the completion of the course. Courses are designed to provide the theory behind plasma fibroblast, along with the hands-on, guided practice, that is necessary to give students the skills and knowledge needed to start seeing clients immediately. We pride ourselves on providing a complete course.
Will I get current information about insurance, taxes, licensing, and business forms?
Yes each student will receive all consent forms, licensing, insurance recommendations, procedure protocol instructions, manual, and more!
Can I get follow up support if needed?
Absolutely, we pride ourselves in not only training individuals but in following and helping them along their path to success. If notified ahead of time we can be available for consult through facetime messaging or similar a platform for real-time support with your first client. In addition, we welcome calls and texts and are happy to answer questions for former students.
Financing available?
Yes, we have partnered with Supernoney Financing and so far the feedback has been AWESOME!!

See what the KCR8 News had to say,

“The Stroke of Beauty Training Academy is Northern California’s leading training provider for revolutionary beauty treatments such as Plasma Fibroblast and Microblading.

This hot new industry is trending in all major cities. Sacramento is at the top of the list. KCR8 News Reporter Karly Penanino spent a day in the World of Permanent Makeup. It didn’t take her long to see why The Stroke of Beauty is showing 88% of graduated students actively working in this field.

We sat down with Kristan and a few of her students to find out what her secret to success has been.”

Kristan Pietromonaco, CEO and Leading Expert at The Stroke of Beauty Training Academy and Salon

I would say our only secret is simple, we ‘Learn by Doing.’ While theory is important, the best way to Master any new skill is to get your mind working and your hands moving. Get up and into action!!!  Combine that action, perfected course materiel and a little patience, and the outcome is inevitable…

The Stroke Of Beauty Training Academy cares about the quality and relevance of each course we offer. We are constantly changing and updating our courses with the latest information, tools, supplies and techniques.

Dear Students,

We are thrilled to be a part of this new chapter in your life and want to offer you some experienced and friendly advice going forward, If you want to know the answer to an important question, yes, you’ll want to start by asking experts you may be working or training with. But, also please take further responsibility and do your own research. Consider that Googling a topic and reading the first explanation, does not always mean the content is current or correct. Check the source, make actual phone calls to legitimate agencies in the particular field of interest. If you rely on hearsay, and do business without a current full understanding in any area of your professional career, you are putting yourself and your beloved clients at risk.

From our heart to yours,
Kristan Pietromonaco,  
Owner/Master Training Instructor & Procedure Specialist 
Writer of course content and manuals