Class requirements

NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OR SKILLS are required for any of our certification courses.  You will be a Licensed and Certified Body Art Practitioner upon completion of this course. You will not only learn the skills for the class you’ve chosen, but we help you market and acquire customers long after you leave. this to help assure you and your business are successful long term. At The Stroke of Beauty Training Academy, our courses will guide you through the process to learn using hands on teaching techniques in a safe and stress free environment. ‘Learn by Doing’ is our philosophy and you will know that on the first day of class. Making sure you have all the tools that will allow you to become a self-employed, successful business entrepreneur, in the lucrative and growing beauty industry, is our goal. Anyone looking to get started or add a service and potentially increase your profits and revenue in your existing business or as a new adventure, this is the place for you.  “We cherish our students and stand behind our training, dare to dream and become your own boss.

NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OR SKILLS are required for any of the non advanced course offerings

  • A sincere desire to learn and apply your new skills is a major plus
  • Only “Advanced” courses require any background knowledge, skills and or experience. (See advanced class list for details).
  • State and County Environmental Health Regulations are strictly followed. Bloodborne Pathogens certificate must be obtained by an approved provider in the county where class is attended in order to see models or to take advantage of the ‘stay and save’ program (See Student Aid Programs for details). Environmental Health County Body Art License fee is due the first day of class.  Complete Instructions and links are given after enrollment.
  • Upon completion of this class you will be a certified Permanent Makeup Practitioner, and licensed in Placer County.  You will be required to get an additional license in the county that you will be working.

The Stroke of Beauty class curriculum has been designed to train individuals to enter into and succeed in the beauty industry, it is for that reason that no prior training is needed.

We are beyond excited for you. Thank you for trusting us with your future…



Kristan Pietromonaco

Master Instructor & Artist