Redwood City CA Microblading Training Center

San Mateo County California Microblading Training Courses

Change your life by choosing a new career in Microblading today! How much money can I make Microblading of, with the potential to make $350-$850 per procedure. Microblading training will give you the opportunity to be your own boss and set your own hours

The Stroke of Beauty Microblading Course is one of a kind. We have the highest number of graduated students actively working as Microblading Artists!!!


  • How much pressure do I use when Microblading?
  • Mapping/Measuring Eyebrows
  • Pigment theory

Complete Procedure Set Up/Sterilization Protocol

Infection Prevention Theory

Reaction incident Plan
Health Dept requirements – safety
Eyebrow measuring/mapping – The MOST important skill in Microblading
Expert Skin Theory
Client assessment
Tools of the trade – detailed use
Perfecting The Stroke – Learn and Master the Microblading Hair stroke Technique
Eyebrow MAPPING – Brow Shaping – Face Evaluation
Perfecting the Stroke 2
Mannequin Simulated Practice – Students will sterile dress, set up, and perform full Microblading procedure in the salon.


Dos and Don’ts – common mistakes and a ton MORE
Microblading Kit Included

Tina Davies Pigments (3 colors)
Microblading Needles/Blades
After Care (10)
Custom Handtool
All disposable procedure supplies


Eyebrow Microblading is here to stay!
What else is included…
ALL Printable/Changeable Consent forms and legal documents Provided. Flyers/ad examples/ phone messaging templates
Procedure Repair – Reaction incident Plan
Insurance, tax and licensing
Marketing – Get and keep clients. Social Media Advertising / Posting tips. This is worth the price of the class all by itself.
Graduation photo package of you and your first client

About our motto…

‘Learn by Doing’

We go ‘hands on’ on the first day. Actually, we go ‘hands on,’ the first hour. The only way to learn a procedure, the only way to learn how to do this, is to do it. We know this is the best way to give our students the greatest chance of success right after graduation.

“We put our students first in every way.”

~Kristan Pietromonco

Owner/Founder PMU Professional & Instructor