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How much money can I make Microblading? It is the fastest growing service the beauty industry has seen in years!  

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If you are looking for a new career you can be proud of, with the potential to make $350-$850 per procedure, then Microblading training will give you that opportunity.

You could be financially independent and set your own hours in less than a week.

So How Much Money Do Microbladers Actually Make? The simple answer is…

The Sky’s the Limit!!!!

The Stroke of Beauty Microblading Course is one of a kind. We have the highest number of graduate students actively working as Microblading Artists!!!

A vast majority of students who take our Microblading Training Course are currently employed as Microblading Practitioners.

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Hello, My Name is Kristan Pietromonaco, Owner/Master Microblading Instructor at The Stroke of Beauty Training Center.  Come to our beautiful Permanent MakeUp Studio in sunny Sacramento Ca, and train with me personally. The Stroke of Beauty Professional Permanent Studio is a fast-paced, fun environment, perfect for the “HANDS ON” learning experience needed to Master the art of Eyebrow Microblading. Learning in a busy salon is the only way to learn EVERY area of your new Microblading business.  

Why Choose Us?

“We cherish our students, and they know it from day one.”

Our Proven Plan for Success…

     Work face to face with the Master Microblading Instructor, meet real clients, and participate in the entire salon experience. Yes, learning the art of Microblading is why you’re here, and you will slay some brows before the week is over, we promise you that, but lasting success in the field of Permanent MakeUp is much more than the finished eyebrow. True success in any field, is built and measured by the skill and foundation of the business structure.

4 Day Microblading Training Certification Course

NEW: 3 Day Intensive Fibroblast Course

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Make a decision to change your life, take action, and make it happen TODAY!!!! ENROLL NOW and start your career as a Certified Microblading Technician in only 1 week.  

We are the only Permanent MakeUp Training center recommended by the County Environmental Health Department in Northern California.

Detailed Microblading Course Material focusing on areas that 90% of students and artists find most challenging.

Microblading Procedure Skill Training

Models – Live Models Provided

‘Learn by Doing” can only mean one thing. Learn it, by doing it. We provide the models on the day of graduation and more after if needed. Students are encouraged to bring their own models if possible and/or additional models for practice with further guided instruction during class.  

The Stroke of Beauty’s Training recipe for success is simple… Our students can stay with us until they are ready to go out on their own.


  1. How much pressure do I use when Microblading?
  2. Mapping/Measuring Eyebrows
  3. Skin Color/Tone Assessment – Fitzpatrick Skin Color Scale
  4. Complete Procedure Set Up/Sterilization Protocol
  5. Infection Prevention Theory
  6. Color / Stroke Correction – Reaction incident Plan – Instantly repair a mistake
  7. Health Dept requirements – safety – health inspection check assistance. Personalized
  8. Eyebrow measuring/mapping – The MOST important skill in Microblading
  9. Expert Skin Theory – Skin Condition Recognizing
  10. Tools of the trade – detailed use – How to use the Microblading hand tool
  11. Perfecting The Stroke – Learn and Master the Microblading Hair stroke Technique
  12. Brow Shaping – Face Evaluation – Different styles of mapping
  13. Color Theory – Custom Color – Pigment Mixing/Blending
  14. Perfecting the Stroke 2 – Learn different stroke styles
  15. Mannequin Simulated Practice – Students will sterile dress, set up, and perform full Microblading procedure in the salon PRIOR to model/graduation day.
  16. Dos and Don’ts –  common mistakes and a ton MORE!

NOTE: An important thing to know about this class is that you can learn at your own pace, with complete acceptance.

The Stroke of Beauty Training Center’s student satisfaction promise….

“We cherish our students and that is why we stand behind our training courses with an honest guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our class, we will create a custom plan together to assure your complete satisfaction.”

Upon graduation, your official NEW business title will read as,

(Your Name)  Professional Permanent MakeUp Microblading Practitioner.

BONUS: Photo/video package: Included with tuition (Reg. $150)

Receive pictures of you ‘in action’  Microblading your first client. Plus, ‘The Big Reveal” video trending on social media every day. Featuring you wiping away the masking pigment over your client’s eyebrows at the end of the Microblading session revealing the gorgeous new eyebrows and your clients love for them.

Our classes are getting noticed!!! Don’t miss out!

be sure you get the date you want


Our  AFTER Graduation Support is Unmatchable

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Brow Calls – Microblading Remote Support

    Try to imagine it’s your first day in your new salon, and you have just finished mapping/drawing the shape and placement of the eyebrows.

Because you’re new and unsure, you are not completely confident that the eyebrows are not even or shaped correctly, panic sets in. Everything you learned at T.S.O.B. has left your brain, sweat starts to pour out of you.


You remember that The Stroke of Beauty Brow Calls team is standing by to assist you remotely, and you instantly feel better.  Brow Calls to the rescue!!!

How to use ‘Brow Calls’

  1. Schedule the date/time of your client appointment at Brow Calls. Choose procedure type, timezone, communication preference.  We will be ‘on standby’ during your appointment via Facetime, text or call.
  2. Send a quick photo of your client. Then let us walk you thru mapping corrections, choosing pigment color, accessing a skin condition, tattoo removal, repair or any other questions or concerns.
  3. Finish your Eyebrow Microblading Procedure.

Breath. Celebrate. Repeat.

Next client, please…

The student first sends photos during their scheduled Brow Calls Stand By appt time.

Then Brow Calls sends back the correction.

Brow Calls saved this client from a very common Eyebrow Microblading mistake and the student from a possible negative review. Everyone wins.

What does Hands On Microblading Training really mean?

The Stroke of Beauty Training Center ‘hands on’ teaching approach means the student will perform the procedure working face to face with the client and Master Instructor. We remember what it felt like on our first day of Microblading Training, that is why we are right there nose to nose with you dotting out each stroke on the client for you until you don’t need us anymore.

THIS IS Next Level Microblading Training!!!

This is what ‘HANDS ON’ Microblading Class looks like!!!

FREE Microblading Starter Kit:

Each student will receive a free Microblading kit and 4 wk Student Portal Access on the first day

  • Shared document and/or flash drive with ONE OF A KIND business documents needed to start your new business. Consent forms, insurance, tax info., procedure protocol, numbiing protocol, message templates, what to do about an unsatisfied client.
  • Specialized and tested Marketing Package that has been proven to keep a steady flow of clients. Kristan wrote this herself and it is amazing!!!
  • Tina Davies Pigment (3 Colors)
  • Microblading Needles/Blades:
  • 18u flexi blade
  • 7, 9 Slant
  • pre inked mapping string
  • 15 RS – shading needle
  • Sticky Brow Stencils
  • After Care
  • Black China Marker
  • White China Marker
  • Gloves
  • Hand Tool
  • Face Mask
  • Pigment Rings
  • Numb Cream
  • Plastic Tattoo Cups
  • 1 Caliper
  • Q Tips
  • Cotton Squares
  • Sterile Medical Gown

The Stroke of Beauty is the #1 Microblading Training Course in California and they continue to prove it.

What is the absolute most important step in the Microblading process?

You can do the loveliest of strokes, for beautiful client eyebrows, but if the client’s eyebrows are not symmetrical, they will only see that one eyebrow is higher than the other, and it will not matter about how amazing the strokes look.  

Soooooo…. We map our faces off.  The mapping method uses simple but effective tools and techniques to create a basic eyebrow placement for your client.  The Stroke of Beauty specialized mapping steps are the key to continued success when mapping even the most difficult pair of brows client after client.

We’ve got this mapping thing down! You will too!!!

How much pressure do I use when Microblading?

This is one of the most asked questions from new students. The answer, you will get a feel for it.  

The second lesson we feel that is on the minds of all new Microblading Practitioners is getting the proper hand tool pressure. Knowing how much pressure to use during a Microblading procedure is part instinct and part training. Without educated Microblading training, this can be very intimidating especially when you can’t seem to wrap your head around how you will know how deep is too deep. Will you know how hard to press your hand down onto the skin, or when you should stop? We understand and turn nervousness into excitement, every day.  We were once beginners and are here to help guide you every step of the way, you’ll have enough to worry about. Let us show you what has worked for us after years in this industry.  

At The Stroke of Beauty Training Center, “we measure our success, by the success of our beloved students,”  and we are doing very well…

The Stroke of Beauty Microblading Course gives you everything you need to be the best eyebrow microblading artist, support your family, and be proud to tell people what you do.

About our motto…

‘Learn by Doing’

      We go ‘hands on’ on the first day. Actually, we go ‘hands-on,’ the first hour. The only way to learn a procedure, the only way to learn how to do this, is to do it.  We know this is the best way to give our students the greatest chance of success right after graduation.

“We put our students first in every way.”

~Kristan Pietromonco

Owner/Founder PMU Professional & Instructor

Be your own boss and Drastically increase your income as a Permanent MakeUp Microblading Artist

What We Do

This ‘Learn by Doing,’ Microblading Course is an intensive, get up and ‘do’ the brows, Microblading Certification Class.  We Jump head first with hands-on action the first hour of class, and we don’t stop. The Stroke of Beauty Courses are distinctly designed with precise detail to include only the process, skills, and knowledge needed to be Microblading eyebrows right after graduation.

Kristan Peitromonaco Owner/Founder Master PMU Professional/Instructor

The specialized course curriculum is taught by Master Artist/Owner Kristan Pietromonaco who has been in the beauty industry since she was a model, Performing Arts Actress, and Celebrity Personal Assistant in her early years.

This Microblading course is lead by Kristan’s knowledge, expertise and true love for the PMU Industry. This combination, coupled with hand-selected Master trainers chosen for their ability to teach in a straightforward and easily understandable way, will guide you through every minute from beginning to professional permanent makeup artist.  

“We cherish our students, and they know it,”

Master Credentials:

EPM Master Microblading Certified

Advanced Pigment Color Theory

Tina Davies 3D Hairstroke Technique

Eyeliner Microneedle Technique

PMU Instructor Certified

Ombre & Shading Advanced Training

+Ocean Hypertonic Saline Tattoo Removal & Lightening Certified

Institute Of Permanent MakeUp Instructor Certification

Plasma Fibroblast Certified Training Instructor

Advanced Medical Scar Camouflage Cert.

PLEASE!   DO NOT sign up for training with one of the hundreds of temporary pop up groups all over the Internet. These ‘so called’ companies are DRIVING THRU your town to take your money, and then disappear. Many of them are not real Permanent MakeUp Professionals. You will be unhappy when you spent your time and money and didn’t learn the REAL skills needed to start seeing clients. These groups pack in as many students as possible and make false promises. If you need guidance after your class (and you will), you’re on your own.

Benefits of Microblading

    Eyebrow Microblading is the future. Be your own boss and drastically increase your income through Microblading training from The Stroke of Beauty Training Center. YOU can achieve your goals! If you desire financial freedom and the flexibility to set your own schedule, this Microblading Certification Class is for you.

    Still wondering how much a Microblading artist really makes? Microblading Artists procedures have increased by 40% every year for the last 3 years, and is showing no signs of slowing down. Microblading training will allow you to perfect the art of Microblading and make money from a job that you love, also working with clients you adore who respect you and your business.

Microblading as a career,

How much money can I make Microblading? You could be financially independent, become your own boss and set your own hours. If you are looking for an exciting new career with the potential to make $200 an hour in the beauty industry, then Microblading training will give you that opportunity. Microblading procedures can run from $350 to $850, giving you an opportunity to make $$7000-$20,000+ per month, also giving you as the business owner a positive cash flow. This is based on about 20 client appointments per month. Work for yourself performing Microblading procedures and be adored by clients who love the new look that you artistically sculpted into the eyebrows of their dreams. More money, less hours, be your own boss, have clients adhore you, those are the opportunities that Microblading will provide for you.

First Day Class ( Action based learning )

11:00-11:30 Check In / Orientation

11:30-12:00 Introduction – Kristan tells her story – Student Greeting

12:00-2:00 W  We are up and IN ACTION: Eyebrow Measure/Mapping Live Demo – Partnered Student Practice

2:00-2:40 Lunch (We cater lunch 1st day)

2:40-3:45 Presentation – Skin Theory – What’s New In the Beauty Biz? – Eyebrow Mapping Theory

3:45-4:30 Student Interactive ‘In salon’ total client experience demo walk thru

Home Work – Video is sent to students phone for reference

Mapping -Student must find someone to practice their mapping on. They need to send me a photo of mapping before the following class start.

The Stroke of Beauty is the best choice based on cost and reviews by satisfied students.

Microblading Training School Reviews

As of 4/2/2019 Stroke of Beauty Microblading World Microblading Phi Brows Deluxe Brows EliteTraining


Brow Design
Rating* 5 2-3 4.5 4.5 4.5 5
Cost $1850 2999 3500 3600 2999 3100

The Stroke of beauty has the highest ranking based on reviews of all the major beauty

schools while offering the lowest price. We need to make a profit, all businesses do,  but also it is important for us to keep the class affordable for everyone interested in learning Microblading. Look at the other web sites of the Microblading schools, They are triple or more the price. It is NOT ALWAYS you get what you pay for!!!! We welcome the chance to earn your business. When you make the obvious choice, it should be The Stroke of Beauty. Choose the Stroke of beauty to become a professional Microblader, increase your earning potential and become your own boss and a business owner. Drastically increase your income too!


  • How to prepare and pass health inspection
  • How to set and track appointments, protocol for appointments
  • Supply list for your business
  • Vendor list for supplies
  • Procedure Repair – Reaction incident
  • Plan Photo/Video Package. Picture package for your new business of you and your work. Your before and afters, ‘The reveal’ video of you and your model. Class group pics, you in action. All taken during class week, edited and sent to you the week following graduation.
  • Marketing – Get and keep clients. Social Media Advertising / Posting tips. This is worth the price of the class all by itself.
  • ALL Printable/Changeable Consent forms and legal documents Provided. Flyers/ad examples/ phone messaging templates
  • Answers to common questions template for client message responses
  • Insurance 101- Where and how to get the coverage you need.
  • Scheduling Your Clients – Booking -Phone/Message Etiquette 101
  • Phone/Message/In Person Client communication Script.
  • Complete Supply Vendor Lists for EVERYTHING

Class Requirements

What do I need to take a Microblading Class?

Can I take a Microblading Class with no experience? NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE EXPERIENCE OR SKILLS ARE REQUIRED for any of the Microblading courses. We teach you all facets of Microblading from the precise Stroke pattern needed to make beautiful natural looking eyebrows to help you market and acquire customers. At The Stroke of Beauty, the Microblading Training courses will guide you through the process to learn Microblading, using hands-on teaching techniques in a safe and stress free environment. ‘Learn by Doing’ is our philosophy. We teach you to be a professional microblader, making sure you have all the tools that will allow you to become a self-employed, a successful business entrepreneur in a growing beauty industry.  Anyone looking to get started or add a service and potential increase to your profits and revenue in your existing business can benefit from the Microblading course offered by The Stroke of Beauty.

You will need to acquire/bring a few things before your class starts.

  1.  Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate of Completion. Placer County. Must be Placer County and from an approved source.

Upon completion of this class you will be a certified Permanent Makeup Practitioner, and licensed in Placer County and be ready to enter the fast growing lucrative beauty business as a well prepared Microblader creating beautiful eyebrows while drastically increasing your earning potential.

About the Microblading procedure

Microblading is similar to a tattoo, but not as deep. The well-trained brow artist uses a pen-like tool outfitted with micro-needles in various configurations. The Stroke of Beauty will teach you to perfect the art of Microblading.  Microblading the semi-permanent technique for enhancing the appearance of the eyebrows, in which pigment is scratched into the skin in fine, short strokes resembling hair, using a hand tool with a blade formed of tiny needles. Each Microblading procedure takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. It is art applied to the eyebrow that when done correctly creates satisfied and happy customers that will refer others to the well trained Microblading artist. The Stroke of Beauty focuses on both the technical and artistic parts of Microblading.

How amazing it is see the Microblading results

You will be so proud of yourself for being brave enough to try something new and become a Microblading Artist. Especially when your first Microblading client cries tears of joy when she/he looks In the mirror. It is something that NEVER gets old. It is truly  awesome. See you soon!

Student reviews/testimonials

Microblading Training Centers Student Testimonials

Allysa A

Take this class, take this class. Kristan is the best instructor that someone interested on learning Microblading techniques can find. She cares so much about everyone in the class and we learned just as much about marketing and business as we did permanent Makeup. Thanks Kristan for helping us be successful in this business. i recommend 100%.


I Couldn’t be more pleased with my experience at The Stroke of Beauty Training Center! The Instructor Kristan is an amazing teacher and has so much patience and encouragement to each student. I was so happy to be a model for her students graduation, and she was there every step of the way ensuring each stroke was placed with perfection! If you are a future student considering being a model, I 100% recommend this place for both! I will be back for future services.

History of Microblading

The technique of implanting pigment after the creation of fine scratches in the skin may date back thousands of years but the trend towards using the technique for eyebrows known as Microblading is thought to have emerged in Asia within the last 25 years, Little else is known about the history of Microblading. Microblading had become the most popular method of cosmetic eyebrow tattooing in Europe and the United States by 2015, and new techniques such as ombre, 1D, 3D, and even 6D, have emerged, Microblading has experienced an impressive growth rate of near 40% year over year. The Microblading business is booming and is allowing for numerous and large profits for those who want of becoming their own boss and realize the American dream of becoming an entrepreneur in the exciting beauty industry.


Class Dates/Times: The Stroke of Beauty reserves the right to cancel, postpone or change the start time for any class due to unforeseen circumstances. While this is very rare, in the event that a course is canceled, the Student will be offered priority enrollment for all future course dates. We completely understand that some of you come from far away, special arrangements can be made on a case to case basis. Students traveling are notified immediately if there is any changes. We can always find a solution, without losing airline ticket money.

Disclaimer of Legal and Medical Liability: The Stroke Of Beauty Training Academy Training courses are intended to provide general knowledge to perform procedures but is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Reliance of the information in this training course for procedural purposes is to be used at your own risk. If you have questions or concerns, contact a medical professional prior to treatment. The Stroke Of Beauty Training Academy is not held responsible or liable for any risks involved with this procedure.

The Stroke Of Beauty strongly advises every student to research their country, local, state or county legislation regarding these types of beauty procedures. It is you the student and/or practitioner sole responsibility to clarify all regulations as they pertain to performing this training program and when practicing as a professional. The Stroke Of Beauty is a World Wide Company and therefore cannot guarantee this information. Please check with your local environmental health department, FDA Regulations (regarding devices and/or performing any of The Stroke Of Beauty course procedures), any/all governing boards such as Medical, Nursing, Cosmetology and/or Esthetics Board, that pertain to said procedure. The Stroke of Beauty Training Academy is not held responsible or liable in any way for legal encounters regarding licensing, regulations, FDA approval or any other legal aspects of training program procedures.