Brow Calls – Microblading Remote Support (Coming Soon)

Try to imagine it is your first day in your new salon…. You’ve just finished mapping and drawing the shape of your client’s eyebrows. Because you’re new, you’re unsure if they are even or shaped correctly, then panic sets in. Everything you learned at T.S.O.B. has left your brain, sweat starts to poor from your forehead.

Then…  You remember that The Stroke of Beauty Brow Calls team is standing by to assist you remotely, and you instantly feel better.

Brow Calls to the rescue!!!  Breath. Celebrate. Repeat… Next client, please…

brow calls eyebrow microblading

Brow Calls saved this client from a very common Eyebrow Microblading mistake, and the student from a stressful situation. or negative review. Everyone wins. 


Get the support you need, book your brow call today! 

1. Book a brow call the same time of your appointment.
2. We will be ‘on standby’ during your appointment. 
3. Send a quick photo, and we will send a corrected photo back to you. Get help with mapping, choosing pigment color, accessing a skin condition, old tattoo, color repair or any other questions or concerns.