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Change Your Life and Be Your Own Boss!!!

How much money can I make Microblading? It is the fastest growing service the beauty industry has seen in years! If you are looking for an exciting new career with the potential to make $350-$850 per procedure, then Microblading training will give you that opportunity. You could be financially independent and set your own hours in less than a week.

So How Much Money Do Microbladers Actually Make? The simple answer is… The Sky’s the Limit!!!!

Eyebrow Microblading is the future. Be your own boss and drastically increase your income through Microblading training from The Stroke of Beauty Training Academy. YOU can achieve your goals! If you desire financial freedom and the flexibility to make your own schedule, this Microblading Certification Class is for you.

Kristan Pietromonaco, Owner/Master Microblading Instructor

Hello, My Name is Kristan Pietromonaco, Owner/Master Instructor at The Stroke of Beauty Training Academy. Come to our beautiful Permanent MakeUp Studio in sunny Sacramento Ca, and trian with me personally. The Stroke of Beauty Permanent MakeUp Studio is a fast paced, fun environment, perfect for the “HANDS ON” learning experience needed to Master the art of Eyebrow Microblading. Learning in a busy salon is the only way to learn EVERY area of your new Microblading business.

Why Choose Us?

This course is designed and presented in specific order to focus and master the most vital skills and procedure steps. Our students can stay with us until they are ready to go out on their own.

The Stroke of Beauty Microblading Course is one of a kind. We have the highest number of graduated students actively working as Microblading Artists!!!  88% of students who take our Microblading Training Course are currently employed as Microblading Practitioners.  Detailed Microblading Course Material focusing on areas that 90% of students and artists find most challenging.

Our Motto

‘Learn by Doing’

That can only mean one thing. Learn it, by doing it. We provide the models on the day of graduation and more after if needed. Students are encouraged to bring their own models if possible and/or additional models for practice with further guided instruction.

We go ‘hands on’ on the first day. Actually, we go ‘hands on’, the first hour. The only way to learn a procedure, the only way to learn how to do this, is to do it.

We are the only Permanent MakeUp Training center recommended by the County Environmental Health Department in Northern California.

Upon Completion of This Course

You WILL BE a Licensed and Certified Professional Microblading Practitioner

Who you become tomorrow… begins with what you do today.

-Kristan Pietromonaco

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Sign up below for a sneak peek at what important moves to make NOW to jumpstart your Microblading Career BEFORE your course even starts!! Get ahead of the rest with this one hour Microblading Course EXTRAS!! Questions and answers. Also Meet Master Training Instructor Kristan Pietromonaco in person.

Learn the Art of Microblading

Models – Live Models Provided!

Full Microblading Kit Included

  1. Complete Supply Kit Included ($400 value)
  2. Eyebrow measuring/mapping
  3. Expert Skin Theory
  4. Tools of the trade – detailed use
  5. Perfecting The Stroke
  6. Brow Shaping
  7. Face Evaluation
  8. More Mapping
  9. Color Theory
  10. Custom Color
  11. Pigment Mixing/Blending
  12. Client Assessment
  13. Mapping
  14. Mannequin Simulated complete procedure demo
  15. Dos and Don’ts – common mistakes and a ton MORE!

What you’ll learn

  1. How much pressure do I use when Microblading?
  2. Mapping/Measuring Eyebrows
  3. Skin Color/Tone Assessment – Fitzpatrick Skin Color Scale
  4. Complete Procedure Set Up/Sterilization Protocol
  5. Infection Prevention Theory
  6. Color / Stroke Correction – Reaction incident Plan – Instantly repair a mistake
  7. Health Dept requirements – safety – health inspection check assistance. Personalized
  8. Eyebrow measuring/mapping – The MOST important skill in Microblading
  9. Expert Skin Theory – Skin Condition Recognizing
  10. Tools of the trade – detailed use – How to use the Microblading hand tool
  11. Perfecting The Stroke – Learn and Master the Microblading Hair stroke Technique
  12. Brow Shaping – Face Evaluation – Different styles of mapping
  13. Color Theory – Custom Color – Pigment Mixing/Blending
  14. Perfecting the Stroke 2 – Learn different stroke styles
  15. Mannequin Simulated Practice – Students will sterile dress, set up, and perform full Microblading procedure in the salon PRIOR model/graduation day.
  16. Dos and Don’ts – common mistakes and a ton MORE!

Tuition – Money matters

The Stroke of beauty has the highest ranking based on reviews of all the major beauty schools while offering the lowest price. We need to make a profit, all businesses do, but it is important to us to keep the class affordable for everyone interested in learning Microblading. Look at the other Microblading schools, they are triple or more the price. It is NOT ALWAYS you get what you pay for!!!! We welcome the chance to earn your business. When you make the obvious choice, it should be The Stroke of Beauty. Choose the Stroke of Beauty to become a professional Microblader, increase your earning potential and become your own boss and a business owner.